MJBL Continues Tournament Baseball Play     July 15, 2017  Larry Barber
Greensboro, NC-  The Metropolitan Junior Baseball League (MJBL) continued tournament play Saturday with second-day action in host city Greensboro.  This is the 27th Annual Inner City Classic and will conclude Tuesday.  While open to everyone, MJBL continues to be the only national youth league geared toward inner city African-American athletes.  On Sunday, the annual Bobby Bonds Memorial Symposium will address that issue at Bennett Colleges Global Learning Center at 7:00pm.  On the panel will be Guilford County Commissioner Skip Alston and Rickie Weeks Sr., father of MLB players Rickie and Jamile Weeks.  Four age groups from 12 to 19 are competing for championships this year.  

Saturday Scores:
19 and under:
Chicago Satchel Paige 11, Richmond All Stars 5
Chester Diamondbacks 3, Philly Black Sox 1
Boston Red Sox Prime 7, Monte Irvin Giants 1
Charlotte Crushers 7, Savannah Great Day 6
Next Level Fire 6, Detroit As 5
Monte Irvin Giants 7, Next Level Fire 3
Chester Diamondbacks 17, Rocky Mount Mudcats 1
Charlotte Crushers 10, Richmond All Stars 2.

16 and under:
Greensboro Bison 22, Next Level Smoke 6
Illinois Panthers 11, Richmond All Stars 0
Bridgeport Baseball 7, Raleigh Athletics 6
Greensboro Bison 11, Richmond All Stars 0

14 and under:
Gray Sharks 13, MJBL Richmond 4
Carolina Tigers 8, Baltimore Rattlers 3
Carolina Tigers 20, Gray Sharks 5
12 and under:
Charlotte Raves 15, Carolina Grays 4
Boston Red Sox 16, Carolina Grays 0
Boston Red Sox 14, Greensboro As 0
Charlotte Raves 9, Greensboro Knights 6.

Sundays Schedule:
19 and under:
At Leonard Park- 9:00am, Philly vs Rocky Mount;  11:30am, Charlotte Crushers vs Philly;  2:00pm, Bridgeport vs Monte Irvin;  4:30pm, Detroit As vs Next Level Fire.
At Ed Price Field High Point- 2:00pm, Chicago Satchel Paige;  4:00pm, Savannah Great Day vs Richmond All Stars.
At War Memorial Stadium- 9:00am, Chester Diamondbacks vs Chicago Satchel Paige;  11:00am, Boston Red Sox vs Detroit As.

16 and under at Stoner-White:  9:00am, Next Level Smoke vs Illinois;  11:30am, Richmond All Stars vs Raleigh As;  2:00pm, Raleigh As vs Illinois;  4:30pm, Greensboro Bison vs Bridgeport.

14 and under at Smith High:  9:00am, Carolina Tigers vs Baltimore Rattlers;  11:30am, MJBL Richmond vs Gray Sharks;  Baltimore Rattlers vs MJBL Richmond.

12 and under at Barber Park:  9:00am, Charlotte Raves vs Carolina Grays;  11:30am, Greensboro Knights vs Carolina Grays;  2:00pm, Charlotte Raves vs Boston Red Sox;  4:30pm, TBA.